Because everyone has their own stories




We are passionate on people's stories. For us, every story is unique and special. We delight in beautifying every story through our signature caricature and design.

Besides stories, we really passionate on preparing the best gift for your beloved ones as well. We believe that "We can give without loving, but we cannot love without giving.With love, we will not give an ordinary gift to the beloved ones, yet it must be the best and a meaningful gift."

Peapepo's story began in 2014 when three passionate young people wanted to inspire others to give a unique gift for beloved ones. At first, they prepared some unique and simple caricatures as graduation gifts for their friends. Soon after, many of their friends request to buy the similar caricatures as gifts. This business was started at home office.

Then, in the end of 2015, Peapepo opens a store and workshop in Araya Family Club, Surabaya. Our products are custom-made 3D Caricature, Scrapbook, Cute Mini Figure, Handphone Case, Hampers, Pop-up Cards, Custom-made Album, etc.

We have clients from many cities in Indonesia and overseas as well. Furthermore, many corporate also trust us to make exclusive gifts for their clients.

They are Hartono Wira Tanik (HWT) Gold, PT. Combiphar, PT Jaya Kirana, Crea, Yayasan Pandhega Jaya, Harver Netherland, Harver Srilanka, Tunas Bangsa Ceria School, Citra Kasih School, Vita School, and many more.